How to Play Electronic Poker

Video poker is a fun and engaging game that combines the greatest aspects of poker and slot machines, and one of its best features is that it is easy to master. In this lesson, we will walk you through how to play online video poker, examine the numerous variations, and explain what constitutes a winning hand.



Step-By-Step Guide

There are other variations of video poker, such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus Poker, but they all operate similarly. Let’s walk over the steps you’ll encounter when playing video poker, just to be sure everything is crystal clear:




Choose Your Bet Amount

First, you must decide how much to wager. Coins, also known as credits, are used in video poker, and you must decide how much each credit is worth. Next, choose how many credits you wish to wager on each hand.


Video poker bet sizes


Special buttons allow you to immediately wager one credit or the maximum number of credits (five).


Video poker straights


The paytable is shown at the top of the gaming screen. This indicates which hands win and how much each hand pays out based on the number of credits wagered.


Video poker first card down PHASE 2


Initial Cards Drawn

After selecting the wager size, click the Deal button to obtain your initial hand of five cards. On some games, face-down cards are dealt one at a time before being flipped simultaneously. Other games deal the cards face up.


Don’t panic if you haven’t yet formed a strong poker hand. We will now describe how to draw fresh cards.


Video poker has the upper hand



Maintain Your Hand

Next, you must choose which cards you wish to keep. Utilize the Hold buttons located beneath each card to retain the desired number of cards.


The remaining cards will be exchanged for fresh ones to create the finest possible poker hand.


Video poker second drawn cards PHASE 4


Second Cards Extracted

After selecting which cards to hold, clicking the Draw button will cause the non-held cards to vanish and be replaced with new ones.


The five cards you now possess constitute your final poker hand.


Video poker result and payback



Outcome & Payout

Don’t worry if you have difficulty determining your poker hand. The game will automatically display in the paytable at the top of the screen the greatest potential hand you can construct with your five cards.


The greater your poker hand, the greater your winnings.


After wins are given out, the game begins anew.


The Purpose of the Game

In online casino video poker, much like in the card game 5 Card Draw, players seek for the strongest hand by deciding whether to draw new cards or keep the ones they have. The greater the poker hand (more on this below), the greater the winnings. For instance, a royal flush pays significantly more than three of a kind.


In a standard kind of video poker, you will be provided with five cards and a large HOLD button beneath them. A deal/draw button in the lower right corner of the screen hands you a fresh hand or, if you’ve recently discarded cards, draws replacements.


This changes from machine to machine, and a paytable (which normally shows at the top of the screen while you play video poker) lists the payouts for all of the possible hands. Nevertheless, it is good to have a notion of which hands pay the most, since you will want to chase them whenever feasible.

Our Five Top Tips


We’ve played many hands of online and mobile video poker, so we’re delighted to share some of our best advice with novices (and a refresher course for the rest of you).


1 Familiarize yourself with the ranking system of the version you’re playing, otherwise you may wind yourself chasing a hand that won’t pay out!

2 Use the greatest amount of coins to receive the entire payout on a royal flush, which is often 800 for 1 as opposed to 250 for 1 with smaller bets.

Check paytables before to playing, as this may influence whether you, for example, discard a second pair in pursuit of a stronger hand.

4 Play a version with superior odds, even if it requires a little of practice at first, since you should lose less of your bankroll over time.


Keep alert! If you play when fatigued or after one too many beers, you may make a crucial error that costs you the royal flush.

What’s the Difference Between Poker and Video Poker?


There are several distinctions between regular poker and video poker. The first and most noticeable difference is that video poker is played against the computer and not other players. This implies there is no need to “read” opponents or identify tells.


Also, there is no need to worry about assembling a terrific hand just to have another player defeat it with a superior one. In video poker, unlike games like Texas hold ’em and Three Card Poker, just your hand matters. A relieve for those gamers who have had an excessive number of terrible beats!


Some might argue that video poker is “easier” than traditional poker, but it does not mean that acquiring the proper strategy for many video poker variations does not take talent. It is a terrific technique for inexperienced players to become accustomed to constructing and recognizing winning poker hands without having a large bankroll.


Video poker is also more accessible than playing poker at a brick-and-mortar casino or even traditional internet poker. You don’t need to locate other players to test your abilities against, and because you’re alone, you may play video poker hands at your own pace.


Different Video Poker Variants

Depending on the casino in which you choose to play, you might very well find a wide variety of video poker variations. Some casinos provide tens of variants of video poker, all with the same fundamental gameplay.


The variations between variants are often modest. Despite the fact that you will always select a favorite, be aware that some versions have significantly higher payoff percentages than others!


Jacks or Better

This variation is perhaps the most frequent and ideal for beginners, as it pays out on any pair of jacks or better. Contains a payout rate of 99.5%.


Jacks or better Wild Deuces

As implied by the name, all 2s that occur are wild. This, however, indicates that the hand with the lowest payout is three of a kind. 100.8% is the payout percentage for the full-pay variant.


Two pair wild poker

Two-Player Bonus Poker

This version of Jacks or Better provides an additional reward for four aces. With the exception of a payout rate of 100.2%, the game is essentially identical.


Aces and Eights, Double Bonus Poker

This variation is fairly similar to Jacks or Better, except the payouts for four 7s, aces, or 8s are much higher. The payout rate for the full-pay version is 99.78%.


Pairs of aces and eights

Are You Ready for the Game?

Now that you’ve reviewed the rules and have a solid grasp of the game, it’s time to begin playing for real! Observe which card combinations are the most valuable, and you’ll quickly win the first round. For additional information about online video poker, be sure to read our other tutorials.


Frequent Requested Information

How can I succeed at video poker?

There is no certain way to win at video poker. You may increase your odds by employing an online video poker strategy designed to help you get the most out of a particular variant. Slow and methodical play is typically the most effective strategy. We would pick video poker over games with a significantly bigger house edge, such as slots.


Which version of video poker has the greatest odds?

Deuces Wild, so long as you’re prepared to employ the correct technique on the full-pay version, as it really provides players a little edge over the house. Keep in mind, though, that this advantage may only manifest after an extremely large number of hands.


Do you play video poker in the same manner as traditional poker?

The two games may have the same name, but they are actually completely distinct. Video poker is played alone rather than against other players, and it has more in common with slot machines than with poker. However, certain poker knowledge, such as what defines a strong hand, is still advantageous.


Can I play video poker online for free?

Yes! Virtually every online casino and video poker site allows you to play their games with play money, so you don’t have to jeopardize your bankroll until you’re comfortable with the game. Some websites provide free video poker games with statistical analysis of whether or not you are making the correct move.


What is the finest game of video poker?

Beginners may prefer to begin with Jacks or Better because it is the most prevalent variation, but for the reasons described above, a large number of players quickly advance to Deuces Wild. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, and you may discover an entirely new type that you prefer more than any of these alternatives.

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